By using advanced multimedia technology to communicate our strongest possible message the GCIMovie is poised to Elevate Consumer Awareness in your markets and UNLEASH the viral sales power of the internet!

UPDATE: Due to the effectiveness and popularity of the GCIMovie 3M now supports it via Co-op. 30% of all associated costs qualify for Co-op funds!

"2015 will be my 33rd year in the window film business and if I have one contribution to make to the window film industry, this is it.  I believe my GCIMovie is the most powerful, effective, and economical marketing tool ever produced for 3M Window Film Dealers. 

Okay, I really produced it for myself, but I am willing to share, (for a price)." - John F. Schimmoeller, Glare Control, Inc.

"Our customized GCIMovie is, simply put, a beautiful thing! Crisp, clean and chock full of valuable information to attract customers, it’s a stunning marketing tool to use on websites, in email campaigns and at trade shows, etc.. Clearly, it has great potential. Kudos to John Schimmoeller for developing a fine promotional piece at an affordable rate. I’m confident that other 3M Window Film Dealers will appreciate its value.” – Peter Davey, American Window Film, Inc.  

Here we go...

I think all 3M Window Film Dealers know success in the window film business is dependent on our ability to communicate the features, advantages, and benefits of our products, as well as in maintaining the ongoing exposure necessary to generate interest.  It's easy to say, but expensive to implement.  I created The GCIMovie (Glare Control Impact Movie) as a means to use the social and viral power of the internet to meet those two primary and critical objectives affordably.

Ask yourself what would happen to sales if everyone in your markets really knew and understood the value of what you sell and why they need it? 

The GCIMovie uses a persuasive and proven solution selling model.  It starts by articulating the window related problems (pain points) and transitions to hope prior to introducing our 3M solutions.  It then introduces impressive 3rd party endorsements and the entire 3M Window Film product line all while addressing common misconceptions and objections throughout.  It ends with a brief recap and a call to action that provides the viewer the ability to either go directly to your website, email you or forward the GCIMovie to others.  

It was developed so every prospect gets the whole story AND is introduced to the complete product line every time.  This effectively establishes the all powerful Value Proposition which is what leads to sales in our business.  Because when a prospect completely understands the value of what we sell he/she then possesses the knowledge needed to justify buying.

The GCIMovie can be used for years and in 20 different ways (most of which cost little or nothing to implement).   

"This is the most comprehensive marketing E-Brochure for 3M Window Film that I have seen to date. It quickly and precisely walks the viewer through every aspect of our wide range of product offerings. It is apparent that many long hours and dedication was invested in this piece. John; your many years of experience as a 3M Dealer truly shines through in this GCIMovie. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!" - Jim Nardone, Solar X Window Film Systems

Why Use Multimedia On The Internet?

Multimedia has proven to be the most effective way to educate because it involves more human senses and is the way people prefer to learn.  Video marketing has evolved to become the new strategy for earning online market share because it's been shown to generate superior results. 

By incorporating graphics, video, photography, flash animation with onscreen text and professional narration the GCIMovie uses every modern means available to deliver our complex message quickly and powerfully.  I'm proud to say the GCIMovie is a ground breaking first for the window film industry.

Below are some intriguing independent study results that make a compelling case for signing up for the GCIMovie:

Website Visitors who view product videos are 85 percent more likely to buy than visitors who do not (Internet Retailer).

Viewers who watch video on a website stayed on the site an average of twice as long as the ones who didn't watch a video (Forrester).

In August 2011, 85.8 percent of the U.S. internet audience viewed online video (Comscore).

A case study by an online video networks (Yume, ScanScout and BBE) found purchase intent among those watching an online video spot was 76% higher than those who hadn’t. Awareness increased by 205% and there was a 62% increase in daily sales volumes. This demonstrates the power of visitor engagement when online video is leveraged correctly.

A second study by Nielsen posted similar results, with the research firm concluding that online video ads had a 65% recall, compared with just 46% general recall for TV ads. Brand recall for online video advertisers was also much higher – 50% for online v 28% for TV. Crucially, online video ads also fared better in message recall measurement and likeability, in the survey of 14,000 consumers.

The GCIMovie was conceived to satisfy the three essential factors in maximizing 3M Window Film Sales: Messaging, Understanding, and Exposure.

Messaging:  The GCIMovie is a targeted, powerful & engaging message that makes the case for purchasing 3M Window Film a No-Brainer.

Understanding:  The GCIMovie provides prospects with a thorough understanding of how our products work and why they need them.  And it's delivered in a way that's both educational and entertaining.  It is the long awaited answer to the question of how to affordably elevate consumer awareness & understanding of our products and services.

Exposure:  The versatile nature of the internet provides the GCIMovie with multiple platforms and venues.  It can be utilized in 20 different ways and in most cases for free.  Result?  More people are exposed to your most compelling message and understand it.  Since each person who views it is empowered with the ability to share it, even more people will know about all your remarkable solutions.  And then they can share it with others, and so on.  All the while you and your staff, referral agents, and associates are sending it out in emails and posting it up online using video sites, social media, blogs, etc., so even more people can see it, who can then share it with others, and so on.  Result? Greater exposure and understanding equals more sales.

Wouldn't you like to have a highly effective, self replicating and automatic Cyber Sales Representative working for you online 24/7 in multiple locations simultaneously?

The GCIMovie is the most affordable, effective, versatile & ongoing advertising campaign you've ever had the opportunity to acquire.  This is powerful state of the art web based marketing at its finest.   It will streamline your sales process; elevate both awareness & perceptions while differentiating you from your competitors.   And, it's simple to use.  Please follow this link to watch the GCIMovie _web version:

Here's what other 3M Window Film Professionals are saying:

"Awesome!" - Troy Vlahos, EPD

WOW! Fantastic Impact Movie! I mean it John; this is better than ANYTHING I’ve seen for marketing 3M Window Film.” Cody Flanagan, IRazor Strategies

"Dude, I'm going to blow this up." - Angelo Ragone, NBI Sun Control

"John, I just wanted to share with you that we are already seeing the results of this great video.  Since being fully operational on Monday, we have closed on a residential installation worth $3,400 and added three more referral agents.  While this maybe not much in the big scheme of things, here in Upstate New York where it is a balmy 20 degrees outside, it gives me great hope of things to come. Thanks!" - Chris Guider, APEX Window Films

"John, as DeNiro said to his psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) in the movie Analyze This :
'You, you're good, you'. "
- Rafael Fernandez, Confianza Window Tinting 

“What a delightful Christmas present for our business. The Impact Movie is fantastic! I think it does a superb job of educating people in a minimal amount of time.” - John French, Apex Window Films

 "Amazingly well done! Definitely a first of its kind for our industry. It looks like 3M made this." -   Manny Hondroulis, EPD

“This is excellent!” – John Aguzino, 3M Dealer Representative

“Sunray® Window Films believes the GCIMovie is a great marketing opportunity and can be used in a number of ways… once we were presented with the tool, we immediately took action with all our future and current opportunities!” - John A. Susnik - Sunray® Window Films

“As I could have predicted, job well done. I think your GCIMovie is an excellent marketing tool, worthy of the 3M Dealer network” – Jim Hondroulis, 3M Distributor - Energy Products Distribution

"Over a year later we are still very happy with our American Window Film GCIMovie - it's a beautiful thing! -  Janet Rumson, Marketing - AMERICAN WINDOW FILM, INC. 

"We have been using your video since you first offered it and we still love it today! You must win a lot of bets, because If it’s up to us there is no way we would want our competition to have access to this." - Jim Nardone - Solar X Window Film Systems

Here's my story:

Like every 3M Window Film Dealer I've grown tired of paying top dollar for traditional advertising and getting marginal results in return.  Over the past 31 years I've used every marketing tool imaginable to spread my message and grow my business.  Some worked better than others.  But none of them were effective at communicating the entire story which is key to establishing  The Whole Value Proposition.  

Traditional advertising options have never been very effective for window film sales because they only allow segments of our complex story to be told.  The internet and the GCIMovie have now changed all that. 

The Challenge: To tell the whole story of 3M Window Films in 450 words or less & within the confines of 3.5 minutes

While knowing producing an Impact Movie would be both expensive and time consuming,  I nonetheless decided it was time to invest in this new technology and dedicated myself to the task.  So I embarked on what I thought would be a three month creative journey to produce the ultimate advertising tool for selling 3M Window Films. 

It turned out to be a demanding and tedious eight month effort.  Hundreds of hours were spent writing the script and pouring over an endless stream of concept drawings, feedback forms, change requests, and edits.  There were also numerable conference calls and countless emails.  The $12,000.00 price tag easily doubled by the personal time I invested pouring over the incessant details.  I spent late afternoons at the office, nights, and weekends totally immersed in the GCIMovie project. 

It was well worth all the trouble.  Especially when I began to see the consumer response!  But what was even more gratifying was when I started getting calls from other 3M Window Film Dealers who'd noticed it.  Praise and recognition are nice, especially when coming from your respected peers.  Peers who had no idea how powerful a tool the GCIMovie is, but were calling to say how "awesome" they thought the 'video' was and asking how they could acquire it. 

Encouraged by this, I invested more resources into acquiring the infrastructure needed to be able to offer it.  Now all the capital expenses associated with the production and offering it have been absorbed (externalized) by my company. This has paved the way for other Dealers to be able to use it for a price that's next to nothing. 

Here's the YouTube version of my GCIMovie (It averages 100 views per day!):

Copyright 2011 Glare Control, Inc.