Here's where I inform you about how I propose to fatten your wallet and mine:

One Time Basic Customization Charge: $600.00
Monthly Licencing Fee: $139.00

Traditional advertising is still very expensive while simultaneously becoming less effective and ever more obsolete.  The internet is the disruptive technology of our time and has changed the world in many ways, including the world of advertising.  It's where consumers now go to do research and gather information about products and services.  So it stands to reason it's where we need to invest our marketing dollars.  I'm convinced there is no web based sales tool for 3M Window Film Dealers more powerful, effective or economical than the GCIMovie.  Another enticing consideration is the fact that your no- name competitors (pictured below) don't have anything even remotely similar. 


Also, as great as your website probably is people still have to take the time to read and navigate their way through it in order to obtain the desired information.  And some of them may not feel they have the burning need, time, or desire to do so.  Having the GCIMovie on your website saves them time and they'll get the whole story effortlessly, and in just 3.5 minutes. They can also share it with significant others instantly.

So, why not budget a small amount of the money you would normally spend on traditional, expensive, and much less effective advertising for a  21st Century viral marketing selling tool tailor made for 3M Window Film Dealers?  THE GCIMovie!  

At only $139.00 a month, it's the best ongoing advertising bargain you'll ever find. 

That's it?  Yes!  Only $139.00 per month. 

Admit it, you probably pay more than that a month for your breakfast biscuits.  I know I do.

By comparison, it's less than half the price of a small in-column bold listing yellow page ad.  Or maybe a daily stop at Starbucks on the way to work.  It's cheap and it's cheap for a simple reason.  I want market savvy 3M Dealers to use it and I've made it affordable so you can.  You're welcome.

Customization/Integration Fee:

There is a modest one time set up fee to have AngleVision customize your GCIMovie.  The cost covers integration of your email, website and forwarding feature to the GCIMovie.  Creation of your company specific files and url's, as well as the insertion of your company name, logo & contact information.  Total Cost $600.00 USD.  This is AngleVision's price for making my movie look like your movie.  

And that's all you really need!  A one time customization/integration charge of $600.00 plus a (you'll never miss it) licensing fee of $139.00/month and you're up and running as fast as AngelVision can turn it around - which is in about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on workload. 

You'll receive three versions of the GCIMovie.  The Web Version which links to your email, website, and has a forwarding feature.  It's the most versatile of the three and the one you'll post to your website, in your signature lines, for email blasts,  presentations, sales calls, etc...  And the Tradeshow Version which runs in a continuous loop and can be played full screen.  The Tradeshow version never gets tired or grouchy, calls in sick, wanders away from your booth, or fails to tell the whole story.  If you do trade shows, you'll love it!  There are other ways to use this version too.  See 20 different uses above. You'll also receive a YouTube version which can be used on multiple platforms across the web.

Again, that's all you really need, but below is an option you may want.

GCIMovie Options:

1.  Professional Narration: AngelVision will hire the same professional narrator selected for the GCIMovie and bring her into their recording studio to record your company name.  They will then insert your company name into the narration.  One Time Cost $250.00. 

2.  Social Media: You can add up to five links to your Social Media Sites (Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) to the landing page of your customized GCIMovie so folks can navigate from one to the other directly from the GCIMovie.  One Time Cost $400.00. UPDATE:  NOW INCLUDED FREE!

Are you ready to advance your marketing into the 21st Century?  They say those who invest in their businesses during a down economy reap large rewards when things finally turn around.  I was thinking of that when I made the initial decision to produce the GCIMovie.  I'm very glad I did and I know you will be too.  Just click the Submission Form tab above, fill in the requested information and hit submit.  The form will go directly to the professionals at AngelVision and me.  We'll get started on your customized versions right away!  You're going to love what the GCIMovie does to enhance your image, streamline your sales process, and bulge your bottom line.  

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