Powerful - Cost Effective - Versatile 

Being able to use your GCIMovie 20 different ways is pretty great.  But there's actually several more uses listed below and it doesn't stop there.  The ever evolving nature of the internet is bound to create even more opportunities.  Plus the  GCIMovie is a superior Viral Marketing tool.  Because it includes useful and important information, it will often get passed around. The GCIMovie is frequently forwarded to colleagues, friends, subsidiaries, and other departments... Elevating Awareness Exponentially!


Use your telemarketing more effectively. Your singular goal when calling should be getting people to watch your GCIMovie. After all, it's just a brief educational message that's non-threatening and easy to watch. 


Install your GCIMovie on all Company & personal laptops , tablets, and smart phones so employees, family, and friends can give one on one demos about your business instantly.



Email it to all your Prospects, Contacts & Customer base. Acquire email lists to do large scale email marketing. Use the body of the email to drive people to watch the movie.


During Sales Calls

Play it at the start of All your sales calls. Be sure to have all your salespeople and associates show it to as many people as possible. Have your GCIMovie on everybody's desktop ready to play at a moments notice.


Referral Agents

By providing it to Referral Agents there's no better way to help them help you!  They'll earn more and easier commissions! Install the movie on their desktops so they can show it to clients instantly.  Ask them to email it to everyone in their database.


Use the GCIMovie to develop strategic partnerships & cooperative marketing opportunities.  Provide incentives to companies and individuals to email your GCIMovie to their customers.

Podcasts & Blogs

Promote it repeatedly in all Podcasts & Webinars. Link it to every blog you write. Have referral agents, friends and associates use it the same way.

Email Signatures

Add it to all your Company signature lines so every email sent contains your strongest message. This is a very simple, automatic and powerful way to spread the word!


 Ad Words & Banner Ads

Link it to your Ad Words & Banner Ads. Why have your prospects terminate at a boring HTML page? The GCI Movie presents your prospects with an engaging message that will motivate them to take action.


Feature your GCIMovie throughout your website! Have it launch automatically with each visit or as an option for visitors to click.

Online Correspondence

Install a link to it on all your Online Documents such as Proposals, Invoices, Thank You Notes, Referral Requests, & Installation Anouncements


Public Relations 

Use your GCIMovie in your PR efforts and to gain media attention. Use it to launch a PR campaign and mention it in all your press releases.


Let the GCIMovie do all the talking for you! You can run it on continuous loop at homeshows and tradeshows. Use it to invite people to visit your booth and as a follow up after the show.

Kiosks & Monitors

Play the GCIMovie in your lobby and waiting area. Rent a kiosk at your local mall or other public places where your prospects may gather.

Create a Customer Referral Network 

Ecourage your customers to pass your GCIMovie on to others  in exchange for free services, gifts, or other awards.

Social Media Sites

Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & others. Attach it to comments and tweets. Request that your "friends" share it with their "friends"

Video Sites

Post it on YouTube and many other free video sites that host corporate and industry videos. 


The GCIMovie can be used to make a strong impression with our most compelling story at  every presentaion.

Print The GCIMovie URL

Why not promote the GCIMovie on all your printed materials? Use QR Codes to make things like printed ads, coupons, brochures, direct mail, post cards and business cards more interactive


Feature the GCIMovie in every online Newsletter you create.  Arrange to have it featured in as many trade & association Newsletters as possible.

Sell More To Existing Customers

Send the GCIMovie to all your existing cutomers to make certain they know you offer a variety of products and services. Use it to penetrate into the other divisions and subsidiaries. Just ask your contact to please forward it!


Use the GCIMovie to help train new employees & referral agents about 3M Window Films and how they work.

 Send it to EVERY new Prospect

The GCIMovie makes a powerful first impression, creates enthusiam, and elevates the conversation during the sales call. Request the new prospect share it with all other interested persons.

Educate Your Marketplace

The GCIMovie is a web based Infomercial and can be used in classrooms, seminars, or anywhere connectivity is available.

You can see how the GCIMovie employs cutting edge technology to tirelessly expose our strongest possible message.  It's a 3M Window Film marketing tool for the 21st Century.